Inner Peace is ready with our 1st online course “The Malaysian Signature Massage”. We wish to welcome you to Borneo, The Land Below The Wind! However, if you are not able to travel or for whatever reason, you cannot be in this part of the world with us.

Good news! You can learn at the comfort at your home with our Self Pace Learning Series. You can choose to start anytime and at your own speed. Our online courses are packed with lots of Information, Videos, Power point presentations, quizzes and tests. Our Online Self Pace Learning Series is created for everyone who wants to learn our Malaysian Wellness Experience.

The Malaysian Signature Massage, Urutan Malaysia is a proudly Malaysian Inspired Traditions. You will learn the best massage techniques from Malay, Chinese, Indian and the Indigenous enabling you to perform a full body massage. Whether you want to have a qualification in the Malaysian Signature Massage or just learning it for fun, we welcome everyone from all walks of life to experience a piece of our culture.

For more information: Urutan Malaysia FAQ