At Inner Peace Academy, we welcome diversity from all around the world to become the next leaders of the wellness and spa industry. It becomes just as important to us to immerse both ourselves and you as an international student at our academy in an exchange of cultural experiences and awareness.

For an optimal learning experience, your lifestyle as a student is taken into high regard with care. Inner Peace Academy takes on the responsibility for your welfare during your time as a student with us.

Your Home Away From Home
As a student at Inner Peace Academy, we will provide you assistance in arranging accommodation in the local residencies. The quality of your accommodation and your comfort is maintained during your stay with us as an international student.

Shared Cabin (Bunk Bed Concept)
Bed, Mattress, Shared Common Bathrooms, Showers with water heater

Exceptional Housekeeping
At Inner Peace Academy, we hold cleanliness to a very high standard to ensure the quality of your comfort and hygiene here at the academy. We will require students to comply to our housekeeping rule guidelines.

Friends with The Environment
At our academy, we ensure that our environment is well taken care of and becomes a necessary requirement for our students.

Experience Local Culture
We insist our students share a co-living environment with local students so you may experience an international culture exchange, especially the indigenous culture of Bornean natives.

Meeting Mother Nature
During your stay with us, we will bring you to one of Borneo’s emerging tourism nature spots which is Matanoi Hill in Apin Apin, Keningau. Take in Mother Nature’s gifts, and breathe in the fresh air.

Local Cuisines For Your Meals
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged by other local students at specified times on a daily basis. At Inner Peace, we take this as an opportunity to expose you to the indigenous cultures in Borneo through local cuisines as your meals. Taking your health into high consideration, we handpick ingredients that come from our very own garden and local farms. Students are also encouraged to take turns in making the recipes yourselves to be served to peers.

In the midst of the global pandemic, it has become apparent to us that cleanliness and health are important to keep both our students as well as the academy personnel safe. Due to this, we require students to bring their own:-

  • Bed Linens
  • Bath Essentials

Visa Assistance
To smoothen your enrolment process, we will issue the necessary documents to enable your visa application at the Malaysian Embassy in your country.

Presently, the following information are for international students.
If you require transportation, accommodation and homestay options, kindly contact us.