Alyssa Lim, her mother Yong Seet Mooi and Scarlet Soh launched Inner Peace on 8th July 2002 in Ipoh, Perak. Operating at Syuen Hotel, Ipoh, Inner Peace was the state’s first women’s spa. This was Alyssa’s first business venture in the spa and wellness industry.

In 2006, Inner Peace merged with Sense Spa and became Inner Peace Sense Spa. When Alyssa moved to Sabah in 2008, the company was taken over by an investor.

Almost a decade later, Inner Peace came back into the picture when ventured into spa consultancy in 2016. The new Inner Peace (Spa Consultancy) focused on talent management and becoming a sub distributor for Bioessentials for East Malaysia.

After a year into the consultancy business, Inner Peace Spa Consultancy later formed a wellness academy.

Presently, Inner Peace Academy has become one of the largest education provider in the wellness and spa industry.

The academy mainly focuses on empowering youths by developing their careers in wellness and health. Programs were designed to introduce wellness with the specialty of Bornean cultures embodied into its concepts and techniques. In 2017, Ministry of Tourism and Culture launched the Malaysian Signature Massage, Urutan Malaysia. Alyssa was one of the master trainers amongst 20 trained. Since then, Alyssa has been an advocate for Urutan Malaysia.

In the future, the academy hopes to raise the standards of the wellness and spa industry in Malaysia, and making it both locally and internationally renowned for its unique indigenous cultural elements. In their continuous efforts to place Malaysia on the wellness map, they strive through every initiative made by remembering the motto, “Together, we empower.”