Alyssa Lim founded Inner Peace Spa Consultancy and Academy in 2015, with a mission to raise Malaysia to recognition in the international map of the wellness and spa industry.

In her 17 years of experience and ventures in the wellness and spa industry, Alyssa has consulted and managed multiple renowned spas in Malaysia and China, such as Spring Spa in Guangzhou and CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La’s Tanjung Are and Spa in Sabah. Her expertise has successfully builded the brands of these establishments and assisted them in achieving their business goals.

Having gained many deep insights in the industry, her motivations behind building Inner Peace Spa Consultancy and Academy is highly driven by removing the stigma of careers pursued in the spa industry. She says, “As we head into the future, wellness and health are becoming more and more essential in everyone’s lives. It’s important that we remove the lenses of ignorance surrounding it and take the initiatives to develop the fundamentals that improve the longevity and vitality of the people.”

She hopes to raise the standards of the spa industry in Malaysia by producing not just spa therapists, but industry leaders of tomorrow. “But first, we must remove the stigma in the idea of pursuing a career in wellness and health,” the founder and director of Inner Peace declares. A problem that persists within many communities, has hindered the perception of noble careers and establishments in wellness and health with negative misconceptions that must be corrected.

Therefore, with specifically designed programs for Malaysian youths, and consultancy services for spa establishments, Alyssa Lim aims to correct the course and empower through meaningful education.

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