Our courses are designed to provide you the most impactful learning experience during your journey in the wellness and spa industry. We ensure that students have a deepened level of understanding on the concepts of wellness, its culture as well as methodology.

Therefore, guidelines for students and trainers have been implemented to ensure everyone’s learning experience. Violation of any guidelines will be taken into serious regard and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

The Student:
Responsibilities in the classroom

  • To know and understand what is required for successful completion of the programme.
  • To follow the training schedule and be punctual for all classes as trainers will start the course on time.
  • To commit to extra reading/study time that may be required to ensure they pass all evaluations or assessments.
  • To respect the possible need for confidentiality regarding information gained in support of their studies.
  • To keep the programme leader informed of any relevant problems while doing the programme.
  • To take responsibility for their own learning and development.

Responsibilities at the academy

  • To maintain a professional attitude and conduct at all times.
  • To comply and not misuse the published rules and regulations.
  • To resist any use of drugs and/or alcohol and tobacco in the premises.
  • To use foul language of any kind.
  • To respect tutors, fellow students, members of staff or client.
  • To always be in correct uniform and properly groomed at all times, whether at the premises of Inner Peace Academy or any associated locations.

    The Trainer:
  • To be aware of the particular nature of the programme which the student is following and communicate this information to all staff who will be associated with the learning of the student during work time.
  • To be responsible for the students’ learning journeys and act as their mentors.
  • To ensure that the student is able to attend and study on the allocated day as per programme and ensure that any reasonable additional study time is available, as required,
  • To strive and commit to provide as wide a range of experience as possible in support of their studies.
  • To monitor the progress of the student throughout the programme.
  • To organise industrial visits and when required.
  • To organise the induction week liaising with other members of the programme team.
  • To ensure that all aspects of the programme are delivered effectively and meet the expectations of the student.