Urutan Malaysia integrates all the cultures in Malaysia through its methods, products and beliefs. It is an accurate portrayal of the essence and soul of the Malaysian spirit. Designed by Malaysian professionals from different ethnic backgrounds, created a unique therapy that represents Malaysia, land of many colours and tongues, as one people in an entangled togetherness.

Techniques by the indigenous natives in Sabah promotes wellness through the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Each sense is aimed to complement one another for a more holistic experience, which means each sense has to be catered to with care. The elements of Urutan Malaysia have been traditionally used throughout the history of Sabahan natives to promote your health and wellness entirely.

Alyssa Lim, founder of Inner Peace Academy, encourages the translation of the diverse Malaysian culture and the sophisticated relationship it creates between body and nature, through wellness in the spa industry. Thus, aiming to develop and further surface Urutan Malaysia as both a locally and internationally-renowned signature massage of Malaysia.

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